@BASTA! #1

Yesterday I arrived in Frankfurt with a delay of 2 hours (thanks to the Deutsche Bahn). Monday is Workshop day and so I just sat arround and did the same stuff that I would normally do in the office. I'm currently working on an ASP.NET project that uses v. 1.1 but will be converted to 2.0 with ... [More]

newtelligenced Part two

I joined newtelligence® AG last year for a practical course, Clemens and i mentioned that in our blogs before. I had a wonderful time so far (and i'm sure it'll continue), nice collegues (i'll link only the bloggers Clemens, Joerg and Michael), new challenges and interesting task, talks an... [More]

Thoemmi und die blogs

Thomas Freudenberg, a friend of mine and member of my usergroup, has started a interesting discussion about .Text (a blogengine) and it's future. He had a lot of feedback on that and posted another entry to clear up things a bit. It came out that he is not the only one asking 'Wh... [More]