German bloggers, Chris and Me MainFeed

DotNerGerman (my blog is also hosted there) offers a MainFeed of german Bloggers (Dirk Primbs, Dieter Föttinger, Alexander Zeitler, Damir Tomičić, Stephan Troxler, Thomas Bandt, Uwe Bauman, Bernd Spuida, Roman Pittroff, Jens Meyer, ...) and german bloggers blogging in english for example C... [More]

Wohl mehr GAGA als GIGA...

GIGA Homepage Award 2004 - Die Entscheidung ist gefallen ... Und da Gab es auch einen ASP.NET Award ... quasi ... einzige professionelle Site. Wurde mit ContentXXL erstellt. Nett. Gratulation. Aber keine Angst. Es gibt auch noch lustiges sonst wär mir das auch kei... [More]

C# Image 2 ASCII

What i really like about the days between x-mas and new year is that you have time for things that you usually don't have time for. The stroy: I love my girlfriend. I likle C# and I like asciiart. So it happend that she showed me some ascii's. I asked myself if somebody has written some image... [More]

Schlund vs. Security

Schlund is in the words of their CTO "#1 hoster in europe" (4.500000 domains) and "no one has such an expirience". Today i made the expirience that they allow only 8 (in words eight) character passwords for mailboxes :-(