A class that can be added...

A class that can be added... public class Point { private int x, y; public Point(){} public Point(int xPos, int yPos){ x = xPos; y = yPos; } public static Point operator + (Point p1, Point p2) { Point newPoint = new Point(p1.x + p2.x, p1.y + p2.y); ... [More]

This is where i'll be 2nite

I was watching with one eye on the other side I had fifteen people telling me to move I got moving on my mind I found shelter In some thoughts turning wheels around I said 39 times that I love you to the beauty I had found Well its 1 2 3 4 take the elevator at the ...


SUSI: So lieber Administrator jetzt musst du dich entscheiden. Ist es A, der smarte und überlegte, der genau weiss was sein Code und sein Programm tut und die benötigten Recht für seine Applikation sauber abgrenzt (z.B. durch das Einrichten eines "ServiceAccounts"). oder is... [More]

NDoc Macro again

Something usefull i posted in my old blog and promised Christian and Günther to post it again... #Region "NDoc()"    Sub NDoc()        Dim nDocPath As String = "C:\Program files\NDoc\bin\.... [More]