OleDb, Decimal and DBConcurrencyException

I had some trouble with a WebForm, including a OleDbDataAdapter, a DataSet and uses the OleDbCommandBuilder to publish the CommandText property to the DataAdapter, that tries to update five Decimal columns in a Access database. No matter what i did the Update method of the DataAdapter threw a DBConc... [More]

Time to move

A lot of server moves happend in the last few days. AspHeute.com, DotNetGerman.com (where my blog is) and CodeProject.com just to name a few. I hope this will speed up my life a bit.


ASP.NET ControlsInternet File Select and Upload Dialog The Windows® ShellOpen Dialog extended and ported to ASP.NETDateTime ControlsControls for selecting dates including a datepicker and a intelligent year month day dropdown. Macromedia Fireworks ExtensionsDownOnPupUpEx.mxp (57.52 kb... [More]

Articles & Talks

 Denn Sie wissen nicht was sie tun - ImpersonisationImpersonisation: Wen, wann und wie authentifizieren Mit Impersonation lässt sich Code im Kontext eines definierten Benutzers ausführen. Wer damit arbeitet, sollte genau wissen, was er tut, um icht das Gegenteil dessen zu erreichen, was er eige... [More]