dotnet Cologne 2011

Am 6. Mai fand in Köln die dotnet Cologne statt. Neben meinem Sprecher-Engagement hat es mich sehr gefreut, dass unsere Firma, devcoach, dieses gelungene Community-Event als Platin-Sponsor unterstützen konnte. Ein großes Dankeschön an Albert Weinert, Roland Weigelt und Stefan Lange! Zu meinem Vortra... [More]

Resharper 6 WPF binding validation

I usually do most stuff in the markup view. As loose coupled view models cannot be validated its … ugly. But today I experienced this: I hit [ALT] + [ENTER] The following code was added (the type name “LoginViewModel” and its namespace was addedmanually…): Now I got binding validation: Nice!

Ultimate Guide to speed up Visual Studio

I believe that better tools lead to better results. That’s why I care about my tools performance a lot! On Saturday at the ICE-Lingen I talked to Peter Kirchner and Kay Giza on how to speed up Visual Studio by configuring you Anti-Virus software. But there are lots of things you can do. So I decided... [More]

Regions are like knives

Most people state that regions are bad. I prefer a more fine grained definition: Regions in code are like knives. They can cause serious injury. But a surgeon can use one to do good. What are region intended for? Regions provide you the ability to expand and collapse code. You can do this with memb... [More]