Asynchronicity rules the world

Designing architecture for a scalable system always involves thinking asynchronous parts. For example: placing an order to a system. At first sight this process of course requires feedback. What happens if the order is invalid because it contains incorrect data? Especially for the non-technical stak... [More]

Adobe, trust, WTF

Mixed language content was in the past a good indicator for phishing – just not as professional as the real provider. Today I received an e-mail by Adobe that asks me to change my password, as they were being hacked in the past and beside passwords (not even hashes? what the hell), program code as w... [More]

NDepend customize rule: Types too big

NDepend is a tool that offers a wide range of features to let developers analyze a .NET code base. It comes with about 200 built in rules. But there are a few default rules that do not fit “my rules”. This blog post shows how to customize one and even more important why. Types too big I use extensio... [More]