NDepend customize rule: Types too big

NDepend is a tool that offers a wide range of features to let developers analyze a .NET code base. It comes with about 200 built in rules. But there are a few default rules that do not fit “my rules”. This blog post shows how to customize one and even more important why. Types too big I use extensio... [More]

Validating Code Quality with NDepend

Patrick Smacchia’s NDepend is a great tool to improve code quality and should be run quite regularly. It can be run as a strand alone GUI tool, from inside Visual Studio and as part of your build process. I’ll use the tool over the next few weeks to analyze and improve the quality of one of my perso... [More]

ICE Lingen 2013

Yester day the yearly ICE conference happened in Lingen again. As I’m deep deep down in a project near it’s v1.0 release I haven’t had a lot time there beside my session. But at least enough to talk to Ingo, Thomas, Lars, Peter, Frank, Holger and a few others. Thanks a lot to the organization team m... [More]