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The UploadDialogControl v. and beyond

I currently working again on iFused (Internet File Upload Select and image Editing Dialog). Yesterday i released the version

  • support for "~" as palceholder for the application path
  • code optimization
  • performance optimization

I have a lot of things to do on based on the wishlist forum at staticdust and loads of mail in my inbox.

This is what i plan to catch until 1st. of february:

  • Use physical path outside of the application root as UploadDirectory
  • Database as source for files and directorys

C#, Project

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Hi Lenny, Here is an example of an overriden class that enables a file gallery to pull data from sql, maybe some of the ideas could be useful. If you basically created an interface for your file/directory methods() then override it for each of your implementations...hope it helps http://www.cutesoft.net/download/CustomFileProvider.zip
Hello!I found here a plenty of useful information for myself! I will visit you soon...
OK seems to work now with this information
Hi, I need to use iFused in ASP.NET 2.0 and it doesn't work good, I don't know how to fix this problem, or is it any version for .NET framework 2.0 ? It only shows at start of the uploaddialog my own errorpage.aspx Thanks.

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