MsBuild finding directories if not given as parameter

I’m a lazy developer. Being lazy does not mean I avoid to work. It means that I like to reflect things I am doing and optimize and atomize stuff to get more time on the valuable tasks. Code generation is a tool I tend to use quite regularly and T4 is at most my generator of choice.

Generated files can cause a lot of merging conflicts. So they are not to be checked into my source control system (currently my choice is HG/Mercurial).

For the build server this means the files do not exist when the repository is freshly checked out – they need to be generated during the build right before the compile happens.

With code generation I usually tend to use a pattern that is for example also used by ASP.NET MVC Views/Controller generation: If there is a local directory containing code generation templates, use it. Otherwise utilize the system wide templates.

MsBuild version 4.0 comes with a feature called property functions. This allows to place for instance a “find directories” inside a property group.

I use them to:

  • Allow to set a system wide template directory using the command line/the MsBuild API.
  • If no directory is set use a local directory.
  • If non of the above is applied set a fallback default.

Here is the XML snippet that shows how to use the pattern:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

			Condition=" '$(CodeGeneratorDir)' == '' " />

			Condition=" '$(CodeGeneratorDir)' == '' "
			Condition=" '@(TemplateDirectory)' == '' "

	<Target Name="Generate">
		<Message Text="@(TemplateDirectory)" />
		<Message Text="@(ModelFiles)" />


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