Name my Control

Michael and Joerg mentioned that the name Internet File Select and Upload Dialog is a bit long ;-)

The main problem to get you to name my control is that i do not work at Microsoft, even not fulltime in a company yet and i do not really have any goodies to give away for the winner.

But i'll give it a try:

Send me your suggestions for a new name for the IFSUD!

ATTENTION: Keep in mind what is comming soon...

I'll integrate a basic imageediting and some other features...

Comments (3) -

  • How about just naming it "Internet File Upload Dialog"? "Dialog" implies that there is some UI to select the file to be uploaded, so you can discard the "Select and" part.
  • My Favorites are

    FUC.Net (File Upload Control) or FUSED.Net (File Uplload, Select and Editing Dialog)

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