Daniel Fisher (lennybacon.com)


Since more than a decade just community (a non commercial organization that I co-founded) organizes the NRW Conf. This year the attendee numbers increased again slightly which means we cannot grow anymore (because of fire prevention the upper limit is fixed) as long as we stay in the same location (die Börse). But the attendees love it and so do we.

As a software developer I know software can contain or contains bugs – that is very likely. I accept that.

Mixed language content was in the past a good indicator for phishing – just not as professional as the real provider. Today I received an e-mail by Adobe that asks me to change my password, as they were being hacked in the past and beside passwords (not even hashes? what the hell), program code as well as certificates have been stolen or compromised. I was a bit scared that Adobe now offers a mixed language site especially after what happened to them…

Interoperabilität gehört (fast) zu meinem täglichen Brot :-) Und zwischen Web Services ist das ja auch ganz normal. Ich freue mich daher sehr, dass Microsoft das Thema auch auf dem Schirm hat. Mit dem “Evangelist mit dem Hut” habe ich mich vor ein paar Tagen zusammengesetzt und wir haben einen Web Cast aufgenommen. Jan hat danach noch ein Video-Interview mit mir gemacht, was er in seinem Blog gepostet hat.