First Day at PDC

The first day of PDC is almost gone. I met my former Boss Clemens Vasters had a nice conversation during lunch with John Lam and "a guy with a blue shirt" that I'm not allow to cite here :-). Micheal Willers, Ron Jacobs and I talked about SOA, Dublin, OSLO and the sometimes hard job trying to expl... [More]

Freeing up Disc Space Batch

In reply to Scott Hanselmann's post on freeing up disc space I'd like to share a batch that I've written some time ago to clear different temp directories for instance before I run a backup. the referenced file "cleanup.txt" just contains the text "yes" (w/o quotes) to automate the cacls command. &n... [More]

ASP.NET Routing for URLRewiting

With ASP.NET MVC comes a component that is called the routing engine. In ASP.NET MVC it is responsible to assign a controller to an incoming request: From an conceptional view the routing engine consists of two parts: a) The RouteTable which stores the information which routes are defined b) The ... [More]