Poor Man’s SQL Data Generation

Data generation is at best done with tools. Since Visual Studio Data Tools have dropped support there is for instance red gate’s DBA bundle. My current license does not work with Microsoft SQL Server 2014. I need a quick solution to reproduce a scenario with *some more data* in just one table. Which... [More]

Bye bye RFC2616, Welcome RFC 723X

The IETF has published a bunch of new RFCs to update HTTP/1.1 specs and make the 15 year old 2616 obsolete: RFC 7230: Message Syntax and Routing RFC 7231: Semantics and Content RFC 7232: Conditional Requests RFC 7233: Range Request RFC 7234: Caching RFC 7235: Authentication RFC 7236: Authent... [More]

Remote Work Book Recommendations

I had the first contact to 37signalsbasecamp by reading Getting Real when it was published in 2009. I just finished their new book “Remote”. Since I’m working a lot from my home office since a few month I find more and more reasons for working remote. The latest one is from “The-Thinking-Clearly” b... [More]