Settings in Silverlight

A few months ago I was developing a Silverlight Line of Business Application with a customer when I stumbled across the requirement to store some information over multiple user sessions - user works with the app, closes the browser and reopens the browser and works with the app again. My first idea ... [More]

.NET Day Franken 2011

Am 21. Mai war ich Sprecher auf dem .NET Day Franken. Ein weiteres tolles Event für die .NET Community. Vielen Dank an Thomas Müller, und Bernd Hengelein und Michael Wiedeking! Zu meinem Vortrag “ASP.NET MVC Localization” hier meine Slides und Demos: Download

dotnet Cologne 2011

Am 6. Mai fand in Köln die dotnet Cologne statt. Neben meinem Sprecher-Engagement hat es mich sehr gefreut, dass unsere Firma, devcoach, dieses gelungene Community-Event als Platin-Sponsor unterstützen konnte. Ein großes Dankeschön an Albert Weinert, Roland Weigelt und Stefan Lange! Zu meinem Vortra... [More]

Resharper 6 WPF binding validation

I usually do most stuff in the markup view. As loose coupled view models cannot be validated its … ugly. But today I experienced this: I hit [ALT] + [ENTER] The following code was added (the type name “LoginViewModel” and its namespace was addedmanually…): Now I got binding validation: Nice!

Ultimate Guide to speed up Visual Studio

I believe that better tools lead to better results. That’s why I care about my tools performance a lot! On Saturday at the ICE-Lingen I talked to Peter Kirchner and Kay Giza on how to speed up Visual Studio by configuring you Anti-Virus software. But there are lots of things you can do. So I decided... [More]