Wohl mehr GAGA als GIGA...

GIGA Homepage Award 2004 - Die Entscheidung ist gefallen ... Und da Gab es auch einen ASP.NET Award ... quasi ... http://www.der-ebner.de/Die einzige professionelle Site. Wurde mit ContentXXL erstellt. Nett. Gratulation. Aber keine Angst. Es gibt auch noch lustiges sonst wär mir das auch kei... [More]

C# Image 2 ASCII

What i really like about the days between x-mas and new year is that you have time for things that you usually don't have time for. The stroy: I love my girlfriend. I likle C# and I like asciiart. So it happend that she showed me some ascii's. I asked myself if somebody has written some image... [More]

Schlund vs. Security

Schlund is in the words of their CTO "#1 hoster in europe" (4.500000 domains) and "no one has such an expirience". Today i made the expirience that they allow only 8 (in words eight) character passwords for mailboxes :-( 

A class that can be added...

A class that can be added... public class Point { private int x, y; public Point(){} public Point(int xPos, int yPos){ x = xPos; y = yPos; } public static Point operator + (Point p1, Point p2) { Point newPoint = new Point(p1.x + p2.x, p1.y + p2.y); ... [More]