Batch processing Visual Studio ProjectItems with the Nuget Package Management Powershell Console

Today I helped a customer to minify and bundle a bunch of JavaScript files. We used WebGrease triggered from MsBuild to do the job. The next thing to do is changing the BuildAction property on all non-bundled-and-minified JavaScript files so that only minified and bundled files are published. Here i... [More]

How not to do support: eBay

As a software developer I know software can contain or contains bugs – that is very likely. I accept that. Looking at the (german) ebay support site they do not. There are quite a few *know issues* around buying or selling as well as a searchable *knowledgebase*. But there is no way to tell them if... [More]

Poor Man’s SQL Data Generation

Data generation is at best done with tools. Since Visual Studio Data Tools have dropped support there is for instance red gate’s DBA bundle. My current license does not work with Microsoft SQL Server 2014. I need a quick solution to reproduce a scenario with *some more data* in just one table. Which... [More]