Bye bye RFC2616, Welcome RFC 723X

The IETF has published a bunch of new RFCs to update HTTP/1.1 specs and make the 15 year old 2616 obsolete: RFC 7230: Message Syntax and Routing RFC 7231: Semantics and Content RFC 7232: Conditional Requests RFC 7233: Range Request RFC 7234: Caching RFC 7235: Authentication RFC 7236: Authent... [More]

Remote Work Book Recommendations

I had the first contact to 37signalsbasecamp by reading Getting Real when it was published in 2009. I just finished their new book “Remote”. Since I’m working a lot from my home office since a few month I find more and more reasons for working remote. The latest one is from “The-Thinking-Clearly” b... [More]

Datenbank Autonomie

Oder warum sollten sich mehrere Anwendungen nicht dieselbe Datenbank teilen? Viele Köche verderben den Brei: Diseconomy of Scale Eine gemeinsame Datenbank (geteilt zwischen Anwendungen und/oder Teams) sorgt für unterschiedliche Interessen u... [More]