I just started reading "Developing XML Web Services and Server Components with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and the Microsoft .NET Framework" by Amit and Priti Kalani. According to what Peter Provost (congratulations ;-)) wrote in his blogentry it gives a few good tips and a complete overview of what i can expect in this exam.

Automatic globalization of the Label control

The PreRender event of the Label control allows to attach a method that can translate the value of the Text property. Connected with a resource or a database and used in a custom base class for Page or in a server control it's very easy to localize a website. override protected void OnInit(EventArgs e){  ctrl.PreRender += new System.EventHandler(Translator.TranslateLabel);  ...

Project myNewProject = new Project("eCommerceSolution");

I started a new project. A e-commerce solution i wrote once in VB6 as a COM+ component and that is still used by Philips (Consumer Communications). I decided to use a generic DAL i wrote that works like the Microsoft Application Block but supports OleDB, ODBC, Oracle ans SqlServer. The objects (e.g. product etc.) are structs that are filled by my BusinessObjectManager, that uses Attributes and dynamicly generates SQL-Statements, fills, caches, creates and updates objects. I'am still playing around with the UI of the BackOffice but the most data should be published to the database by ASP.NET Webservices. And of course it will be all written in pure C#.