NRW Conf 2015

Since more than a decade just community (a non commercial organization that I co-founded) organizes the NRW Conf. This year the attendee numbers increased again slightly which means we cannot grow anymore (because of fire prevention the upper limit is fixed) as long as we stay in the same location (die Börse). But the attendees love it and so do we.I’d like to thank all sponsors, attendees, speakers and stuff for making it such a great event!The biggest achievement this year: We finally have the chance to provide the recorded sessions!We are on channel9: to Microsoft for helping us!Here are my slides: to see you next year at NRW Conf

NET Developer Days 2015, PL

Last time I was in Poland was 2006 for the Microsoft Technical Summit. This years October I was invited by the amazing Maciej Pilecki and his company DataMaster who organize the .NET Developer Days Poland.They did an amazing event with an international speaker line up. They got two Scotts (Hanselman and Hunter) and even managed to bring me and my former boss Clemens together (warning the distance between our home places is about 60 Km!). And they have some more Scottsplans for next year.I was really jealous on the attendees of the conference. Because as an attendee you got the coolest conference shirt that I’ve seen so far, honestly. Look at that:The most awesome conference shirt I’ve ever seenThe venue was really nice. The main stage was huge and really professional equipment and skilled staff. The StageThe slides for my session can be found here: night before the conference I attended the speaker appreciation dinner. Just wow - Thanks Maciej!Maciej The conference ended in a rally nice party at a underground style club. Nice.I really enjoyed being there and talking to so many nice and interesting people (for instance Oliver of lemon).So what’s left to say: Wherever you may come from. Check out their twitter and on facebook and let’s see next year in Warsaw!

Basta 2015

It felt great to be and speak at Basta! again. Thanks to the organization and the audience.Here are my slides and samples:Defensive programming, resilience patterns & antifragility & Build

Network 2015, UA

It had been ten years ago, since I was the last time in the Ukraine. Back then in Kiew I held an architects workshop together with Michael teaching Service Oriented Architectures with the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Windows Workflow (WF). I can remember that I lost my luggage (bad) and the nice people, good questions and superb feedback we received (definitely good).Nataly Potapova, of Sigma Software, contacted me to ask If I would like to become one of the speakers for the Network conference. Because of the political situation I had some doubt to go – but in the end I decided to go for following reasons. My past experience were very good.I wanted to help them to do something *normal*.I currently have something to tell. The speakers page filled up with people from around the globe. I already knew Hadi Hariri and Juval Lowy and was looking forward to meet Lee Brandt and David “Dot Net Dave” McCarter from the US.On the flight I met Lee and Dave. And I felt kind of sorry for Dave – This time his luggage was lost. Nataly, Vera and Alina - conference team - were already waiting for us. After we arrived at the Hotel they told us that a guide is waiting and we are about to do a city tour. A very, very welcome alternative to the usual business trip where you have been to al those fascinating places all over the world and just know the airport, a cab, the hotel and hopefully a good restaurant. The guide told us about history since the dark ages. That Lviv is the Coffee Mekka of Ukraine – You got me at this . Visited the Chocolate Museum. Just passed the Masochist Café! And finally had a burning coffee in the coffee mine. The next day was conference started. There was no entrance fee. About 400 seats and free non-alcoholic drinks and food: Wow! My lecture (Defensive Programming, Resilience Patterns and Antifragility) was the first after the introduction words. The talk went well and the questions of and the discussion with the audience was really joyful. My topic was really haunting as it seems.The next in the row was Hadi with his online speech about HTTP2. It was actually the first *remote talk* that I attended. In general not bad at all. But during the Q&A after the session I missed *seeing* the speaker.After that Dave rocked *Code Contracts*. As he had lost his luggage he was not able to *perform* in his usual outfit. Also remarkable to know is that his slides are about 1.5 GIGs of size. There is Video, animations, explosions… So I definitely got to see him doing the *full* show on stage at some day . Lee’s slides about how to write better and more professional java script code created a fascinating psychedelic effect in my camera – sorry Lee, better pictures next time. I really liked the way he picked up the average .NET developer. I haven’t had the time to watch Juval’s online speech because I was in a discussion with a few attendees.The conference ended with networking and party. If you have the chance next time, Network conference is worth a visit! After the party the speakers were invited by Vladimir, the leader of the Sigma office in Lviv, to the speakers dinner and met some other Sigma guys there. I’m still laughing at Vlad’s (That’s not Vladimir!) jokes.To sum it up: I have almost never seen such an dedicated conference team and welcoming hospitality. So I’d like to say thank you very much. I hope to see you guys again next year.

ICE Lingen 2013

Yester day the yearly ICE conference happened in Lingen again. As I’m deep deep down in a project near it’s v1.0 release I haven’t had a lot time there beside my session. But at least enough to talk to Ingo, Thomas, Lars, Peter, Frank, Holger and a few others. Thanks a lot to the organization team making this happen year over year again.

ICE Lingen 2011

It’s community summer again. The same procedure as every year. In the middle there is some refreshing ICE. The ICE-Conference in Lingen is something special to me because it is an admin event. I’m a developer. Maybe It’s caused by my roots – yeh, I was an admin once. Maybe caused by the fact that I tend to build bridges between admins and devs and build my developments aware of infrastructure. This year I spoke about professional development on the client stack. I explained Javascripts OOP concepts from the .NET development perspective. Introduced JQuery and explained how it’s plugin model works.  The session was rated along with others as 3rd bets of the conference – Thanks for attending and voting! As always the networking with the *admin guys* was as great as the after-ice-party. I really enjoyed to meet up with a lot of people I’ve haven’t seen for a while. Last but not least: Many thanks to Nicki Wruck and the ICE-Team for this great event.

NRW Conf 2011 community conference: The doors are open

Since the year 2005 the non-commercial organization JustCommunity e.V. organises once a year the NRW Conf community event. Over the time it has become one of the biggest community events in Germany. This years conference will be on the 8th and 9th of September located in Wuppertal, Germany. We will host over 20 speakers and sessions from Germany and Europe, and as last year there will be a workshop day upfront: ASP.NET MVC SCRUM PowerShell Last but not least let me throw in some buzzwords, before you head over to the registration: Windows Phone 7.5, Agile, SQL Server, ASP.NET MVC, REST, Windows Azure, Rails, SCRUM, Powershell, Sharepoint, Oracle, Kinect, MS Office, Git, Performance-Analysis, TMG, UAG, FEP, FPE, FSSP, FPSMC, FIM, FOPE. Click here to sign up…