In the past weeks i have looked at several template based solutions for ASP.NET 1.1, because i can’t wait for .NET 2.0.

Region MasterPages and it’s variations all around the web
No WYSIWYG/VS.NET support - No solution for me.

Masterpages reinvented
Nice try, but i don’t want to add so much lines to the code behind.

I also realized SiteMesh.NET ( - hey Joe fix that damn JS error!!!), but i don’t like that approach.

So i decided to think about other concepts and wrote something that solves following for me:

  • MasterPage
    • CodeBehind
  • Other pages
    • CodeBehind

… with one line of code in the client pages.

I’ll talk about my solution on the VFL-NiederRhein UG Meeting in november or december. So if you are interested keep an eye open.