Carefully said I do not like that sharepoint “hijacks” the Internet Information Server. When you create a virtual directory it is just not accessable because SharePoint took over IIS.

Funny fact: This is the second post how to fix issues with IIS and “extension” that cause issues :-)

So I decided to hack a small utility serving my needs…

  • Enable to exclude applications from sharepoint services through the directory context menu.

Because I’m running my machine under a LUA (Limited User Account) I wrote the tool in a way that you can install and uninstall it without administative rights - the contextmenu will be installed per user!

if(args[0] == "-install"){
  RegistryKey rkey = Registry.CurrentUser;
  rkey = rkey.OpenSubKey("SOFTWARE\\Classes",true);
  rkey = rkey.CreateSubKey("Folder").CreateSubKey("shell");
  rkey = rkey.CreateSubKey("Exclude from Sharepoint");
  rkey = rkey.CreateSubKey("command");
  rkey.SetValue(null, App.Application.ExecutablePath + " \"%1\"");
} else if(args[0] == "-uninstall"){
    RegistryKey rkey = Registry.CurrentUser;
    rkey = rkey.OpenSubKey("SOFTWARE\\Classes\\Folder\\shell",true);
    rkey.DeleteSubKeyTree("Exclude from Sharepoint");
} else {

The Implementation works with the webserver extensions version 4.0 or higher

RegistryKey rkey = Registry.LocalMachine;
rkey = 
    "SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Shared Tools\\Web Server Extensions",

foreach(string subKeyName in rkey.GetSubKeyNames()){
  try {
    RegistryKey fpKey = rkey.OpenSubKey(subKeyName,true);
    fpDir = (string)fpKey.GetValue("Location");
  } catch(Exception _ex) {
      string _err = _ex.ToString();

and uses the stsadm.exe from the shared tools of the server extensions.

System.Diagnostics.Process p = new System.Diagnostics.Process();
p.StartInfo.FileName = Path.Combine(fpDir, "BIN\\stsadm.exe");
p.StartInfo.Arguments = "-o addpath -url http://localhost/" +
    strProjectName + " -type exclusion";