I just got “tagged” together with Steve, Don, Udi and Nicholas  by Clemens. So here are my five:

  1. The nickname “Lennybacon” was given to me by my girlfriend and is (probably) based on my middle name “Leonard” and the fact that I like bacon for breakfast.

  2. My surname is written without a “c” which is quite strange for most Germans (beside my certificate of birth about 80% of the official documents spell me the wrong way). The English way of spelling is because of my father who is an American and his forefathers who came from England.

  3. I started working with computers beside school and administered Novell and NT Networks.

  4. I programmed my first Windows application in 1996 using Delphi. At this time I still wanted to become a Carpenter. The only reason I did not become one is that in that company they started to drink alcohol at 8 o’clock (work started at 6).

  5. The oldest piece of a computer I own is a 15x15x0.5 inch disc with 4 MB storage. It was a present from a customer and given to me after finishing a project.

And the Oscar Tag goes to:

Michael, Thomas, Kenny, Bob and Craig