It’s community summer again. The same procedure as every year. In the middle there is some refreshing ICE.

The ICE-Conference in Lingen is something special to me because it is an admin event. I’m a developer. Maybe It’s caused by my roots – yeh, I was an admin once. Maybe caused by the fact that I tend to build bridges between admins and devs and build my developments aware of infrastructure.


This year I spoke about professional development on the client stack. I explained Javascripts OOP concepts from the .NET development perspective. Introduced JQuery and explained how it’s plugin model works. 

The session was rated along with others as 3rd bets of the conference – Thanks for attending and voting!


As always the networking with the admin guys was as great as the after-ice-party. I really enjoyed to meet up with a lot of people I’ve haven’t seen for a while.

Last but not least: Many thanks to Nicki Wruck and the ICE-Team for this great event.