Last friday we (Stephan Oetzel and me - JustCommunity e.V.) held the NRW07 (Germany’s biggest software developer and IT professional community conference) in my hometown Wuppertal at die Börse.

The organization of the event and founding the company devcoach were the reason why it was pretty quite around my blog the last months - so sorry for that.

Photo by Thomas Freudenberg

The event was a huge success. we had around 130 people (including speakers) - a great audience from all over the country.

We hat 4 tracks each filled up with 6 sessions including one dedicated IT-Pro track. We were proud to host Craig Murphy and Oliver Sturm from the UK community again. Thanks for puting the “tech” into the event to Sascha Dietl, Thomas Freudenberg, Marcel Gnoth, Marcus Hoeltkemeier, Mischa Hüschen, Lars Keller, Constantin Klein, Patrick Lauer, Nico Lüdemann, Carsten Möhrke, Craig Murphy, Sebastian Noack, Jens Schaller, Frank Solinske, Oliver Sturm, Roland Weigelt, Thomas Weinert, Michael Willers.

I also gotta shout out many thanks to our sponsors (especially Christian Schütz from HP, platinum sponsor) and the organization team for making NRW07 happen. Upfront Sylvia Marx (Ping her If you need design stuff like a blog & web design!) who filled the role of our Art Director and managed most of the merchandising stuff (look at the cool shirts!!!).

The day was filled with amazing things. Night before we had a fabolous geek dinner and Craig podcasted me. In the morning I really enjoied the audience in my talk about SOA on the client and User Interface Patterns. We had tasty Subway catering. And last but not least a unforgettable after event party that ended up early early next morning.

Craig and Thomas pointed me to where a lot of post-NRW07 things (photos etc.) happen - so have a look over there and at Karim’s and Kai’s blog, saopbox!

Hope you liked it as well - if you haven’t had the chance to make up your own mind… 2008 is near.

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